Chrome looks terrible once it gets old and rusty. Rust, stubborn stains from water droplets or even streaks from melted rubber from motorbike boots are inevitable after a while. But there is a fairly simple solution for restoring chrome to its original shine in one easy step.

With old chrome, one often sees rusty parts and the first thought is therefore often to consider the chrome part as lost or to have it re-chromed.

The thickness of the chrome layer on old chrome parts is surprisingly thick and therefore very suitable for polishing with steel wool.

How do I polish chrome with steel wool?

Always use the extra-fine steel wool 000 for this job. This is the finest steel wool available. The coarse types are not suitable. You will be amazed at what the steel wool does. Give it a little time, a little patience and a lot of polish.

Step 1: Cleaning the chrome

First of all, make sure that dirt and grease are removed from the chrome by cleaning it with soap and water.

Step 2: Remove the rust with steel wool

Cut a piece of steel wool 0000 and fold it in half. Apply considerable pressure! Simply rubbing is not enough. Patience is a virtue in this respect, don't expect a panacea but let the steel wool do the work.

Step 3: Polish and protect the chrome to prevent rusting

If necessary, use a chrome polish, to polish the chrome. A good wax can also be used. Remember that synthetic polymer car waxes last longer than carnauba waxes.

Step 4: Enjoy the shine

After all that work, it is time to enjoy the renewed shine of the chrome.

So, steel wool. Many people say that it scratches but steel wool 0000 really does not scratch.