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Washing your car regularly with quality products is of the utmost importance if you want to keep it looking like a showroom. Explore our wide range of products to keep your car exterior clean and protect your vehicle.

CARNAUBA SHAMPOOCar Shampoo with Carnauba WaxULTRA FOAMING - EFFECTIVE CLEANING - EASY RINSE OFFHyperconcentrated outstanding performance car shampoo with carnauba wax High content of carnauba wax which gives astonishing results on paint. Its cleaning power ensures easy &am..
Ex Tax:11.00€
CHERRY RED SHAMPOOSpecial Car Shampoo & ConditionerSHINES & DRIES - GLOSSY WET-LOOK SURFACEAdvanced, scientifically formulated chemistry.  A shampoo along with cleansers, conditioners & drying agents Cleans deeply airborne & road contaminants Gives ri..
Ex Tax:13.00€
SCALEXScale removerWATER SPOTS - CALCIUM  DEPOSITS - HIGH FOAM CLEANERHyperconcentrated special sour shampoo Easy cleans hard & stubborn water spots  Effectively removes heavy Lime deposits Gentle with paint, safe sour formula Ultra foaming, fast action, a..
Ex Tax:12.00€
CARTEC ESSENTIALS WASH AND WAX SHAMPOOΤο Wash and Wax, είναι ένα αφρώδες σαμπουάν με κερί και με μεγάλη καθαριστική ικανότητα. O συνδυασμός των καθαριστικών που περιέχει δίνουν αποτελεσματική δύναμη καθαρισμού σε συνδυασμό με υψηλή γυαλάδα και άριστη προστασία. Το νερό φεύγει από το αμάξι λόγω τ..
Ex Tax:10.00€
CARTEC ESSENTIALS NEUTRAL WASH SHAMPOONeutral Wash Shampoo is a high foaming and highly concentrated car shampoo. The shampoo has been specially developed forwashing by hand. The high-quality wash active ingredients ensure very good cleaning and optimum use of the car sponge.Benefits: ..
Ex Tax:9.35€
CARTEC ESSENTIALS PRE WASHPre Wash is a highly concentrated cleaning product. The product works quickly and thoroughly. Removes road grime from cars and trucks, chassis and tarpaulins. It can be diluted up to 1:25 (Product: Water) and applied through snow foam. Using a Snow Foam Pre Wa..
Ex Tax:11.21€
NANOLEX PREWASH FOAM 750 mlProviding an effective, mild alkaline pre-wash with extremely high foam, Nanolex PreWash Foam consists of a carefully balanced blend of surfactants to loosen traffic film and stubborn dirt such as insect residue, oil, dirt.With its powerful cleaning capabilities, N..
Ex Tax:11.44€
CARTEC CERAMIC WASHΤο Ceramic Wash είναι ένα ενεργό σαμπουάν αφρού που αναπτύχθηκε για τη συντήρηση πλυσίματος αυτοκινήτων που προστατεύονται από κεριά, στεγανωτικά και κεραμικά επιχρίσματα. Χαρακτηρίζεται από εξαιρετική λίπανση και ευχάριστο άρωμα. Ο ειδικός συνδυασμός δραστικών συστατικών εγγυ..
Ex Tax:12.10€
EXTREME STREAK FREE SHAMPOO 500 MLPremium high- gloss and PH neutral shampooOur streak free shampoo is PH neutral, salt-free, and includes effective cleaning ingredients and lubricants for a high-gloss finish.This shampoo is PH neutral and leaves a super high-gloss finish. Specifically f..
Ex Tax:12.90€
PURPLE VELVET LUXURIOUS HIGH GLOSS SHAMPOOHighly concentrated luxury high gloss shampooOur Purple Velvet high gloss car shampoo is rich and luxurious, with amazing dilution creating thick suds that coat your vehicle, grabbing dirt and leaving a velvety sheen behind. With a slick finish every..
Ex Tax:7.98€
SHERBET LEMON SUPER SNOW FOAM 1 LTRevisit you childhood with our limited edition sweetshop inspired collection.This delicious Sherbet Lemon fragranced neon yellow snow foam will make your mouth water!Sherbet Lemon Super Snow Foam offers a delightful and efficient way to prep your vehicle..
Ex Tax:15.24€
JELLY BEAN SUPER FOAM 5 LTJelly Bean Super Foam is a fun twist on our popular Super Snow Foam! With a vibrant pink colour and sweet Jelly Bean fragrance combined with great cleaning ability in a thick mousse style biodegradable foam.This prewash foam is ideal for removing light dus..
Ex Tax:53.00€
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