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MEINTANIS Car Care Chemicals has been active in the wholesale and retail sale of cleaning products since 1995. While it started as a small family business, it quickly grew and today is one of the largest and most competitive companies in the industry.

The company has a wide range of products, thus providing effective solutions to matters related to the cleaning, protection and care of the car, with products of Greek production. It is aimed at car washes, gas stations, accessory stores, boats, car showrooms, garages, industries, and dealerships.

With many years of experience and know-how as well as with continuous monitoring and study of technological and scientific developments, at MEINTANIS Car Care Chemicals we produce high-standard products emphasizing quality, using the best materials and the most appropriate methods.

The company's human resources consist of experienced specialized staff and the marketing department that closely monitors market developments, constantly looking for new products and technologies, constantly renewing and enriching the company's product range only with high quality products that meet the needs of even the most demanding consumer.

The company offers its products in Attica, with a privately owned fleet of cars, through its own organized distribution network and in the rest of Greece through specialized partners - representatives who are always at the customer's disposal to provide appropriate advice and specialized solutions.

Going through the third decade of a successful course in the Greek market and with the love for the car as our guiding principle, at MEINTANIS Car Care Chemicals we stand by the professional as well as the individual with better and better service, seeking the continuous development of the company.

Exclusively available throughout Greece