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Meet our range of microfiber cloths, designed for washing, drying and polishing your car. With high quality materials and efficient technology, our cloths offer the shine and protection your car needs. Superior Absorbency: Our microfiber cloths are highly absorbent, ensuring effective removal of water and dirt. Gentle contact with the Surface: The extremely soft texture of our cloths offers safe contact with the surface of the car, without causing scratches. Quick Dry: Our technology speeds up the drying process, eliminating water droplets and leaving behind a flawless surface. With our microfiber cloths, show off the beauty of your car and enjoy a complete care experience!

GENUINE LEATHERGenuine Car Leather 45CM X 55CM.Ideal for car, home and boat.Made from chamois leather (Chamois leather is a natural product impregnated with oil which allows it to absorb dirt and water).Impregnated with oil that allows it to effectively absorb dirt and water.Soft..
Ex Tax:16.00€
SEMI-SYNTHETIC LEATHERSemi-synthetic car wiper leather.Excellent results.Dimensions 45CM X55CM...
Ex Tax:6.49€
GENERAL PURPOSE MICROFIBER CLOTHΑ general purpose cloth for the exterior and interior of the vehicle.Sewn with super soft relise to prevent scratching when wiping.High absorbency.Suitable for drying vehicles, cleaning rims and engines.Size  : 40 x 60 cmWeight  : 320..
Ex Tax:4.00€
New Προσωρινά μη διαθέσιμο
GREY EDGELESS MICROFIBRE CLOTHSProfessional EDGELESS Grey Microfibre Cloths are very durable and have plenty of bite when removing ceramic coatings, heaving compounds, polishes, metal polishes, waxes, and sealants. Also great for general tasks like removing detailing sprays and glass cleane..
Ex Tax:2.50€
MICROFIBER TOWEL Available size 50χ70 cm...
Ex Tax:6.50€
GLASS TOWEL DIAMONDWindow cloth with microfibers 40 CM X60 CM diamond. Ideal for all glass surfaces.Use dry or wet to remove dust and dirt.The ease and speed of cleaning, drying, polishing the car without detergents or other chemicals will amaze you.Number one choice for car care pro..
Ex Tax:3.00€
DARK GREY CRYSTAL-Special crystal cleaning microfiber 300gsm
New Προσωρινά μη διαθέσιμο
DARK GREY CRYSTAL-Special crystal cleaning microfiber 300gsmDark Gray Crystal is a high-quality window cloth woven in a diamond shape with the property of draining water from glass surfaces as well as from other parts of the vehicle.Effective cleaning with water or glass cleanerHigh abso..
Ex Tax:4.03€
MICROFIBER TOWEL LUXURY BLUEMicrofibre cloth which can be used on all surfaces.Extreme absorption and does not scratch. 40x80cm - 345gr (m²) - 70% polyester 30% polyamide...
Ex Tax:9.50€
CARTEC MICROFIBRE CLOTH CERAMICΑυτό το πανί μικροϊνών είναι ειδικό για χρήση κεραμικών υλικών.  Είναι ένα υψηλής ποιότητας, βαρύ πανί μικροϊνών πουαφαιρεί αποτελεσματικά τα κεραμικά υπολείμματα και είναι κατάλληλο για όλες τις επιφάνειες. Η χρήση αυτού του υφάσματος εξασφ..
Ex Tax:4.20€
CARTEC MICFROFIBRE ULTRA SOFT CLOTH REDΑυτό το πανί μικροϊνών έχει αναπτυχθεί ειδικά για χρήση με το Panel Spray. Είναι ένα υψηλής ποιότητας και βαρύ πανί μικροϊνών που απορροφά βέλτιστα και είναι κατάλληλο για όλες τις επιφάνειες.Η χρήση αυτού του υφάσματος εξασφαλίζει βαθύ καθαρισμό. Μέγε..
Ex Tax:4.20€
CARTEC Dual Pile Edgeless Refinish Microfibre TowelThe double-sided Ultra Soft Refinish Microfiber cloth is designed to quickly and safely remove all processed ingredients and waxes when used on the smoother side, and achieve a high level of shine when used on the fluffier side. Thanks to laser ..
Ex Tax:3.95€
GOLD TOUCH ΠΕΤΣΕΤΑ ΓΥΑΛΙΣΜΑΤΟΣH Gold Touch  είναι κατασκευασμένη απο βελούδινη μικροίνα .Η αρέλιαστη αυτή πετσέτα είναι πολύ μαλακή με αποτέλεσμα να μη γρατζουνάει.Σκουπίστε κεριά και αλοιφές με εμπιστοσύνη για εξαιρετικό γυαλιστερό αποτέλεσμα. Μπορεί να πλυθ..
Ex Tax:8.00€
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