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After more than 25 years in the area of ​​car cleaning, protection and care at MEINTANIS Car Care Chemicals we remain next to the professional, as his most reliable partner. As the exclusive representative of Ceramic Bond and Onyx throughout Greece, we provide the required professional training, certification and support for the correct and effective application of all ceramic coating products.

Coatings can only be used by professional detailers, on any type of surface or vehicle part, turning the surface into a permanent shield, with a maximum duration of 3 to 10 years.


ONYX COATING is the market leader for the highest quality nano-coating with superior strength, smoother finish and better gloss compared to previously created products in the car care market. With decades of innovation from their talented team of researchers and industry experts, they've created a range of products that redefine the way people think about coating. Every day brings a brand new challenge to the ONYX COATING Innovation Lab.

Technology 10H N1

ONYX COATING is supported by 10H technology. Each product has been developed, tested and certified to offer the highest degree of hardness and protection, making them the #1 N1 coating product line worldwide.

1. 10H Hardness and N1 gloss

2. Requires a uniform, thin coating

3. Semi-permanent coating

4. Quick & easy application

5. Easy to clean

6. High gloss finish

7. Prevents color fading

8. Protects body paint, chrome, and exhaust

9. Easily repels dirt, rain and snow

10. Excellent scratch resistance

11. UV resistant

12. Resistant to oxidation and corrosion

13. Advanced chemical resistance

14. Withstands extreme temperatures

15. Keeps the surface temperature low



● 9H hardness / scratch resistant

● Long term performance

● UV, chemical and thermal resistance

● Corrosion protection

● easy to clean

● Hydrophobic effect

● High gloss & gloss

Our specialized technicians at MEINTANIS Car Care Chemicals provide the required professional training and support in Ceramic Bond products for correct and effective use/application.

At MEINTANIS Car Care Chemicals we know what it takes to increase the revenue of a car care business.

Get access to leading products & technologies - high quality and high performance - intended only for professionals.

Get the training for proper and effective use/application to improve your business performance and efficiency.

Get access to what's new on the market, know-how and technical support because we'll be by your side, every step of the way.

We offer you:

  ■ Education

  ■ Certificate of application of our products

  ■ Full and continuous support, (product knowledge, advice, instructions)

  ■ Warranty forms

  ■ Advertising Banner

  ■ Advertising through our site and our social networks

  ■ Support and materials for social media

We will be proud to have the best on our team