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Διόρθωση ατελειών στο χρώμα και όχι μόνο. Προϊόντα νέας τεχνολογίας από τους καλύτερους καρασκευαστές.

RESTORE CUTTING COMPOUND 500 MLHeavy cut polishing paste for deeper defects and weathered paintRestore Cutting Compound is a premium high abrasive machine polishing paste offering the latest technology in heavy cut abrasives. A very sharp and homogeneous paste with diminishing abrasives prod..
Ex Tax:19.90€
CARTEC WAX GUARD CONDITIONERΤο WaxGuard Conditioner είναι ένα ειδικό σαμπουάν για οχήματα που έχουν υποστεί επεξεργασία με το Cartec WaxGuard.Αυτό το Conditioner προστατεύει και διατηρεί την επιφάνεια WaxGuard διατηρώντας την σε άριστη κατάσταση.Το WaxGuard Conditioner βοηθά στη διατήρη..
Ex Tax:9.90€
Κεραμικες επιστρωσειςCeramic Bond Alloys 50ml Creates two invisible protective layers coating on the alloy rims.Ceramic Bond Alloys protection creates two invisible protective layers coating on the alloy rims. Its protecting effect lasts up to two years against water, chemica..
CLEAR VIEW GLASS POLISHCleans all glass surfaces quick and easyClear View is an intensive apple fragrance, glass cleaning polish which removes heavy contaminants from glass and perspex surfaces. It removes all traces of bug splatter, oil, grease, dirt, grime, fallout and stubborn stains and ..
Ex Tax:10.08€
CARTEC GOLD WAX 1 LTΤο Gold Wax είναι ένα σκληρό υγρό κερί, σχεδιασμένο για να χρησιμοποιηθεί σε καινούργια χρώματα ή μετά από στίλβωση.Περιέχει μία ειδική σύνθεση μοναδικών κεριών, που δίνει το φινίρισμα και την ανθεκτικότητα ενός σκληρού κεριού ενώ είναι υγρό, που σημαίνει ότι είναι ευκολό..
Ex Tax:18.00€
Κεραμικες επιστρωσειςCeramic Bond Fabric 150mlProtects vehicle’s interior fabrics against liquid spillages stains.Ceramic Bond Fabric protection keeps your car upholstery looking like new. Protects vehicle&rsquos interior fabrics against liquid spillages stains, by forma..
Κεραμικες επιστρωσειςCeramic Bond Leather 50mlProtectant for genuine leather against soiling, water and other liquids.Ceramic Bond Leather protection forms a breathable nano-film on the delicate porous surface. This is an absolute protectant for genuine leather against soiling, wa..
NANOLEX ULTRA CUT POLISHFormulated without the use of silicone oils, waxes or fillers, Nanolex Ultra Cut Polish is a smart cutting polish that easily treats severe automotive paint defects to leave behind a visually clear, hologram-free finish. Using an oil dispenser, Ultra Cut Polish is suitabl..
Ex Tax:13.15€
Κεραμικες επιστρωσειςCeramic Bond Transparent 150mlA shield against water and stains on car glasses, mirrors & headlights.Ceramic Bond Transparent protection forms an effective nano-film on glasses, mirrors and headlights of the vehicle, as a shield against water and stains. P..
MINI APPLICATORS Having added a hydrophobic membrane between the microfiber and the sponge, these applicators manage to reduce material consumption from 20% to 50%!!!The Barrier is the special hydrophobic membrane that holds the material in the microfiber and does not allow the sponge (..
Ex Tax:4.00€
NANOLEX FINISHING POLISHAfter the paint has been corrected and perfected, Nanolex Finishing Polish ensures maximum gloss results. Designed to remove fine scratches, holograms and faint blemishes, Finishing Polish is suitable for use on all types of automotive paint, but is particularly effective..
Ex Tax:11.82€
Κεραμικες επιστρωσειςCeramic Bond Bakelite 50mlFor all kind of plastic and rubber parts inside and outside the car.A new outstanding performance nano-protectant for all kind of plastic and rubber parts inside and outside the car. Ceramic Bond Bakelite protection protects all ..
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