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Discover the next era in car care with our innovative solutions in waxes and sealants!  Long Lasting Shine: Our waxes are designed to give a dazzling glossy finish that lasts. From the subtle gloss paint to the details, every corner of your car will stand out  Protection from the elements: Our sealants create an invisible protective veil, repelling water, dirt and environmental pollutants. Upgrade your car's resistance to adverse conditions.  Easy application: Our range offers products that are user-friendly, with easy application and quick results. Even beginners can enjoy professional results. Choose safe, effective and impressive care with our range of waxes and sealants. Bring out the shine of your car and give it a protective hug that lasts! 

Αλοιφες ΓυαλισματοςΕΧCELLENT PTF WAXΒαθιά γυαλάδα, μακράς διαρκείας προστασία από PTFE για νέες και φρεσκογυαλισμένες επιφάνειες.Το Excellent Wax είναι ένα εξαιρετικά ανθεκτικό κερί για χρήση σε βαμμένες επιφάνειες που έχουν διορθωθεί πρόσφατα.Το Excellent Wax έχει μεγάλη δ..
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NANOLEX FINAL FINISH 750 MLNanolex Final Finish is an innovative water-based Quick Detailer with a revolutionary combination of ingredients.Nanolex Final Finish is used as a spray on your car's paintwork. Nanolex Final Finish easily removes stubborn water marks, light dirt and fingerprin..
Ex Tax:12.66€
HARD COAT – SPRAYABLE CERAMIC COATING 250MLAn easy to use, spray ceramic coating!The perfect way to protect your car in minutes! Spray, wipe, buff & protect!Hard Coat is an incredibly easy-to-use spray coating, its advanced chemistry is a blend of synthetic polymers and ceramic..
Ex Tax:28.23€
CARNAUBA – BANANA SCENTED CAR WAX 500MLBanana scented creme carnauba wax to give your paint a durable and gloss finish.Carbanuba is the KING OF THE SWINGERS!!! A creme wet scented wax to give your car that warm, mellow glow!A cream, wet, scented wax to give your car a warm yellow g..
Ex Tax:13.90€
QUICKSHINE QDMulti purpose Parma Violet Quick detailer and clay lubricant.Quick Shine QD is a highly versatile product that can be used as a spray wax, waterless wash, show detailer and a clay bar lubricant and can be diluted to suit your needs. Quick Shine is safe to be used in direct sunli..
Ex Tax:12.10€
ELEGANCE LUXURIOUS DETAILING SPRAY 500 MLLuxury in a bottle! Thats Elegance!Elegance is a versatile all-round car detailing spray, adding extra gloss to paintwork and leaving a luxurious slick finish.Elegance provides you with ultimate gloss on all painted and gloss surfaces. Ideal for h..
Ex Tax:14.44€
CERAMIC QUICK DETAILERRapid, Durable protectionA quick and easy way to add gloss and top-up protection on your motorcycle/bike. For durable protection, great water beading, and dirt repellency.A SiO2 (silicone dioxide) infused quick detailer. This quick detailer has been designed to not ..
Ex Tax:21.00€
CERAMIC SHIELD ULTRA SPRAY WAX 500MLCeramic Ultra hybrid spray waxUltra Hybrid spray wax. Ceramic Shield Ultra Hybrid spray Wax has proven itself to be a versatile and durable product, which is easy to use and provides exceptional gloss and water behavior. Ceramic Shield Ultra Hybrid W..
Ex Tax:29.90€
CERAMIC MAGISEAL 500 MLMagiseal – Foam Lance & spray on Ceramic infused coating. New Formula! MagiSeal is a water-based ceramic infused product specially reformulated to allow both high-pressure application using a foam lance or low pressure spray application! This p..
Ex Tax:27.02€
TOP GLOSS INSTANT WAX DRYING 1 LTTop Gloss is a multi use versatile wax drying aid, designed for easy application. Even though it is designed as a drying aid, Top Gloss adds a quick and easy layer of protection to your paint and enhances gloss for a “just waxed” look. It helps the d..
Ex Tax:16.80€
HELLSHINE: LIQUID ABYSS Abyss is a synthetic paint & trim protection gel/liquid. It leaves an amazingly deep, glossy finish to your paintwork and leaves plastic trims looking like new. Long lasting protection is where the Abyss comes into its own, offering durability of up to 9 months w..
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