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Ceramic Bond Enliven 50ml

Ceramic Bond Enliven 50ml
Ceramic Bond Enliven 50ml
Ceramic Bond Enliven 50ml
Ceramic Bond Enliven 50ml
Ceramic Bond Enliven 50ml
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Κεραμικες επιστρωσεις

Ceramic Bond Enliven - Κεραμική επίστρωση 

A specialized formula that enlivens Sapphire 3D9H Protection.

Ceramic Bond Enliven protection is the formula that enlivens Sapphire 3D9H. The product has been specifically designed to empower the strength, and hydrophobic effect on car. Enliven when applied, maintains and revives color, adds smoothness and gloss, as well as improves results over time. In case of hard washing water, it eliminates water spotting. Applied every six months for best results.

  • Enlivens color tone
  • Easy to apply, mirror-like effect
  • Excellent leveling, high glow
  • Enhances hydrophobicity
  • Eliminates water spots
  • Durability 6 to 8 months
  • UV and thermal resistance

Available Packaging

50 ml

Before use:

  • Remove any kind of soiling from substrate.
  • Completely clean the surface with Pure Protection special agent.
  • Shake the bottle well before use. 


  • Apply with pads applicators or gun sprayer. 
  • Work indoors, 20-25oC, <50% humidity. 
  • Buff the product in less than 70 sec. 
  • Leave to cure over two days, away from dust and water.

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